Radical New Life-Saving Technique Borrowed From Science Fiction

By Aditya Nair Modern medicine may be headed into the future. A revolutionary new technique is being tested at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital to improve the outcomes of victims of massive blood loss by, almost ironically, bringing the patient as close to the brink of death as is safely possible. ByContinue reading “Radical New Life-Saving Technique Borrowed From Science Fiction”

Lasers and Wizards and Spaceships, Oh My!

I like to imagine myself as being something of a science fiction connoisseur. As such, I was quite shocked and more than a little embarrassed to discover that until a few months ago I had scarcely even heard of what has been dubbed the single greatest science fiction book ever written: the Hugo-winning, Nebula-winning, all-timeContinue reading “Lasers and Wizards and Spaceships, Oh My!”

Yesterday’s Future Today: L’avenir est Maintenant

Science fiction is a curious genre. Each and every written work has a certain level of time dependence with regards to its relevance; the biting social commentaries and polemics of one age become the quaint, historical oddities of the next, the groundbreaking scientific paper steadily fossilizes into the bedrock of canonical knowledge, and even theContinue reading “Yesterday’s Future Today: L’avenir est Maintenant”