The Evolution of Personality

By Sean Harris Everyday observations show us that people exhibit a wide variety of personality traits; some people are outgoing, some creative, and others nurturing. This variation is not trivial, as personality deeply affects the way people think and act. Given the far-reaching consequences of personality, it’s important to investigate why people have certain traitsContinue reading “The Evolution of Personality”

No Professor, It Isn’t Obvious.

How reductive language limits students’ learning in STEM classrooms at Columbia. By: Maria MacArdle “But obviously, the rest is self-explanatory.” Your professor puts down the chalk, turns to their notes, and prepares to move to the next topic. Your stomach drops. You look down at the unfinished derivation in your notes and at the QEDContinue reading “No Professor, It Isn’t Obvious.”

Then and Now: The Development of Climate Change Denial (1970-2017)

By Sonia Mahajan President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 2016 reflects a growing—and alarming—lack of concern about climate change. Pruitt, who was previously Attorney General of Oklahoma, attempted to sue the EPA a total of fourteen times before being nominated to head theContinue reading “Then and Now: The Development of Climate Change Denial (1970-2017)”

Dominant Females and Weird Animal Sex: A look at anglerfish, spotted hyenas, and gender roles

Written by: Julia Zeh Edited by: Olivia Ghosh The animal kingdom is chock-full of weird, crazy, mixed-up gender roles and sexualities. From sex-changing fish to homosexual birds, and everything in between, evolution has created an immense diversity among animals when it comes to the behavioral and morphological aspects of gender and sex. The spotted hyenaContinue reading “Dominant Females and Weird Animal Sex: A look at anglerfish, spotted hyenas, and gender roles”

Rise of the Electric Car

Written by: Jack Zhong Edited by: Josephine McGowan Cars are an essential part of modern American life. Yet, unfortunately, they are also one of the primary sources of pollution that contributes to climate change. As a result, manufacturers have begun to introduce more fuel-efficient cars and electric cars. Electric cars ingeniously utilize battery power orContinue reading “Rise of the Electric Car”

100 Years of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

By: Julia Zeh Edited by: Ashley Koo Exactly one hundred years ago, in November of 1915, Albert Einstein solidified his field equations of the general theory of relativity. Despite the passage of a century, both theories still stand and are still incredibly relevant in modern research, making November 2015 a month to celebrate Einstein’s work.Continue reading “100 Years of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity”