The Role of Our Immune System in Alzheimer’s

By: Mariel Corinne Tai Sander Edited by: Kim Chia In 1907, at a conference in Tubingen, Dr. Alois Alzheimer described a curious disease characterized by “numerous small miliary foci…found in the superior layers…the storage of a peculiar material in the cortex” [1]. While researchers now know what those “small military foci” are—plaques of beta amyloidContinue reading “The Role of Our Immune System in Alzheimer’s”

Cryonics: Freezing in Time

By: Kimberley Shen Edited by: Arianna Winchester On January 8, 2015, a two-year old Thai girl named Matheryn Naovaratpong died of ependymoblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Over the course of almost a year, she had 12 brain surgeries, 20 chemotherapy treatments, and 20 radiation therapy sessions. However, in spite of her doctors’ bestContinue reading “Cryonics: Freezing in Time”

Mind-Uploading: Are You Still You?

Written by: Dimitri Leggas Edited by: Hsin-Pei Toh A few years ago, 23-year-old Kim Suozzi died of cancer. She and her boyfriend Josh Schisler had decided to have her brain cryogenically frozen in hopes of preserving the synaptic intricacies that helped to make up who she was. Suozzi and Schisler hoped that one day, someContinue reading “Mind-Uploading: Are You Still You?”

A Promising Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

By: Jack Zhong Edited By: Josephine McGowan Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the US, and yet, it has no known cures, prevention methods, or approaches to slow down the progression of disease. Causing degeneration in the brain (Figure 1), Alzheimer’s disease has common symptoms that include: dementia, memory loss, declineContinue reading “A Promising Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?”

HIV Finds a New Home in the Brain

By: Ian Cohn Edited by: Arianna Winchester HIV/AIDS, first discovered about 30 years ago, still remains one of the top ten causes of death in the world, according to the World Health Organization. HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a contagious virus that is usually understood to impair immune function in those infected with it. TheContinue reading “HIV Finds a New Home in the Brain”

What are the Biological Consequences of Staying Up All Night?

Author: Tiago Palmisano Editor: Aishwarya Raja “Sleep is a waste of time.” It’s an opinion that, as a college student, I’ve been forced to occasionally consider when it’s midnight and a looming pile of work clashes with the possibility of a good night’s rest. And unfortunately, sleep deprivation is not limited to the overloaded collegeContinue reading “What are the Biological Consequences of Staying Up All Night?”

Eating Away at the Immune System: The Novel Role of the Gut in Multiple Sclerosis

Author: Alexander Bernstein Editor: Arianna Winchester Simply described as an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own defense mechanisms attack and degrade the protective myelin sheaths that cover axons in the nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is estimated to effect some 250,000 to 350,000 people in the United States alone. The debilitating symptoms of the disorderContinue reading “Eating Away at the Immune System: The Novel Role of the Gut in Multiple Sclerosis”