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FacebookProfilePrateek Sahni is a sophomore in Columbia College (’20) planning to major in Biology and concentrate in Economics. On campus, he is involved in Peer Health Exchange, the Columbia Hindu Students Organization, and conducts mitochondria research at the medical center. In his spare time he enjoys exploring New York City, reading Victorian literature, and spending time with his friends. He hopes to one day pursue a career as a physician or work with health entrepreneurship.


Blog Columnists


Julia Zeh is a senior in Columbia College (’18) planning on majoring in Environmental Biology. Julia studies marine bioacoustics and the behavioral ecology of whales and dolphins. Her favorite things include marine biology, young adult fiction, creative writing, and physics and math pickup lines. Julia loves animals and can often

be found sharing her multitude of weird animal facts, especially about octopuses, with her friends.




Sophia Ahmed is a freshman in Columbia College (CC ’21) from Michigan majoring in sustainable development with a concentration in economics. She’s interested in an array of scientific topics ranging from immunology to environmental chemistry and focusses on the intersections between environmental science and economics. Her favorite animal is an ostrich and in her free time she enjoys watching undisclosed amounts of Youtube and Netflix, listening to music, and traveling.



picSonia Mahajan is a first-year in Columbia College (’21) studying Sustainable Development and Political Science. She is from a small town near San Francisco, California, and is also a writer for the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review and an editor for The Lion. Sonia enjoys connecting her interests in science to politics, social justice, and other contemporary issues. In her free time, she can be found watching police procedurals on Netflix and napping.




Maria MacArdle is a Sophomore at Barnard College studying Physics. She is a passionate Chance the Rapper fan and enjoys dance classes and coffee shops around the city in her free time. Currently a member of Columbia Space Initiative’s Rocketry team she hopes to become an astronaut one day.



Kendra_Zhong_HeadshotKendra Zhong  is a freshman in Columbia College (’21) majoring in Chemistry. Her idol is Elon Musk, and she’s interested in literally everything he does, including: space exploration, artificial intelligence, and green energy. She usually spends her free time watching TV shows–think Parks and Rec, Broad City, Arrested Development, and Black Mirror–or psychological films (Memento, Requiem for a Dream, Shutter Island).




Heather Macomber is a senior in Columbia College, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. In addition to editing for the Columbia Science Review, she is the Vice President Emeritus and Research Coordinator for the Columbia Neuroscience Society, a Science Columnist for the Columbia Lion, researches attention by looking at thalamocortical circuitry in behaving mice in the Bruno Lab, and serves as a peer advisor for the Neuroscience major. She is passionate about making neuroscience accessible to everyone, mentoring the next generation of neuroscientists, and she hopes to spend her life unraveling the mysteries of the brain.


Serena Cheng is a freshman in SEAS (2021) planning on majoring in Applied Math and Computer Science. She has always been interested in STEM and has a special love for physics. She has done research on artificial muscles and plans to get involved in more research on campus and abroad. Serena is an avid listener of classical music and loves to eat rice. She also plays on the Columbia University Women’s Rugby Football Club as a fullback.
Adrienne Zhang_CSR Photo
Adrienne Zhang is a sophomore in Columbia College (’20) majoring in English with a possible minor in sociology. She developed an interest in science during her agricultural sustainability internship at the Stanford farm. Outside of her studies, she enjoys reading mystery novels, writing book reviews, and drinking excessive amounts of peppermint tea.
Cheryl Pan is a freshman in Columbia College (’21) planning to major in Neuroscience & Behavior. She has conducted research on rare genetic diseases such as Juvenile Hemochromatosis and Pompe Disease in the Genomic Engineering Technology group at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals for three years. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, baking, and ice skating, especially during the holiday season!
Tina Watson is a senior in Columbia College (’18) studying English. She is writing her undergraduate thesis on bioengineering in dystopian literature and after graduation may pursue science journalism, publishing, or education. When she’s not doing research for her thesis, you can find her hiking, singing, visiting museums, or getting lost exploring the city.
Briley Lewis is a senior in Columbia College (’18) studying astrophysics. She enjoys working on her research projects, focusing on exoplanets and solar system science – and when she’s not working, she enjoys running, sewing, petting dogs, looking at pictures of dogs, and sharing memes of cute dogs with her friends. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in astronomy or planetary science to continue her research, and continue spreading knowledge of the wonders of the universe.
Alice Sardarian BC'21
Alice Sardarian is a freshman at Barnard College (BC ’21), majoring in Physiology and Organismal Biology. Within the Columbia University community, she is a volunteer EMT, a Global Health committee member for the AMSA, and a volunteer with Community Impact’s Student Health Outreach. She is passionate about sustainability, social equity, and is a committed vegetarian. Alice enjoys morning runs, exploring NY’s neighborhoods, playing piano, sipping bubble tea, and memorizing numbers – she holds a personal record of 404 memorized digits of Pi. After graduating, Alice plans to become a physician, specializing in surgery and conducting research. One of her ultimate dreams is to work with Doctors without Borders.
SAFEHeadshot (2)
Kelly Butler is a sophomore in CC studying biochemistry. She hopes to become an immunology researcher and is particularly interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms behind food allergies. Outside of academics, Kelly directs a nonprofit called SAFE: Spreading Awareness of Food Allergies in Educational Settings and enjoys dancing, biking, and watching puppy videos.
Yuxuan Mei is a junior (Class of 2019) studying Computer Science at Columbia Engineering. She has been an illustrator for CSR since freshman year. She is thinking of going to graduate school and then academia after graduation. She enjoys music, chemistry, cooking, etc. in her spare time.

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