Executive Board


Noah Goss is a junior in Columbia College (’19) majoring in physics. He is an enthusiastic Ohio sports fan, who also loves literature, movies, playing basketball, and listening to all kinds of music, especially rap, classic rock, indie, and jazz. An avid watcher of television series, he is more than happy to engage in conversations about Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, or Silicon Valley. He works in Abhay Pasupathy’s condensed matter physics lab on campus, and plays intramural basketball with Vice President Aunoy Poddar.




Vice President:

Aunoy Poddar is a junior at Columbia College (’19) double majoring in Biology and Computer Science. Aunoy is fascinated by the intersection of biology, computer science, and philosophy, and conducts neurocomputational analysis of primates at the Salzman lab. He is passionate about Russian literature, German philosophy, Alexander Hamilton and running. Outside of CSR, he is the Social Co-Chair of the I.I. Rabi Scholars, Social Chair of Club Zamana, and Secretary of Club Bangla. He is the Kobe to Noah’s Shaq on their basketball intramural team.




Keefe Mitman is a junior in Columbia College (’19) and is a prospective Mathematics and Physics double major. He is particularly interested in the roles of gravity in relation to quantum mechanics and discovering a grand unified theory. After graduating from Columbia University, he hopes to go on to graduate school, earn his PhD, and enter academia. On campus, Keefe is the Hiking president of Columbia’s Outdoor Orientation Program, a tutor for One-to-One tutoring, and a devout member of Columbia’s Society of Physics Students. Other interests include particle physics research, exploring New York City, and sunset walks.




Marcel Dupont is a sophomore in Columbia College (’20) studying Biochemistry. On campus, he is a health educator for PHE and works in the Stockwell Lab researching small-molecule inhibitors for use in Glioblastoma multiforme. In high school, he did research in an RNA lab at the University of Chicago. His passions are aviation, birds, and table tennis. He hopes to pursue a career in medicine and research.



unnamedPublic Relations Chair:

Ayesha Chhugani is a sophomore in SEAS (‘20) and is hoping to major in Financial Engineering with a possible concentration in Computer Science. On campus, Ayesha is also part of CU INFORMS and Club Tennis. Beyond her interests in science, she is interested in foreign affairs, entrepreneurship, exploring restaurants with her friends, and watching reality TV shows. In the near future, she hopes to get involved in research on campus under the Center for Financial Engineering.



Organizational Committee Members:





Catherine Zhang is a senior in Columbia College (’18), majoring in Biology and concentrating in Environmental Science.  After graduating from Columbia, she wants to get her Ph.D. in biology and go into academia.  She enjoys morning Trader Joe’s runs, traveling, and watching 30 Rock.






Winni Yang is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and motivated pre-medical student intending on becoming a future pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. She is currently a sophomore in Columbia College pursuing a degree in biochemistry and philosophy. In the past, she has been involved in numerous research and clinical experiences that have enriched her knowledge in medicine as well as sparked her passion in healthcare. She currently enjoys working for Columbia University’s volunteer ambulance corps and serving her own community. She is also involved in Columbia’s Red Cross Club where she serves as the Blood Drive Coordinator. During her free time, she enjoys playing classical music on the piano (especially Chopin and Rachmaninoff), listening to music, attending music festivals and concerts, jogging around the neighborhood, going on spontaneous food adventures in New York City, and spending quiet mornings reading at odd locations with a cup of coffee in hand.


imageUrvi Awasthi, the King of CSR, is a sophomore in CC majoring in Applied Mathematics and Data Science. Outside of CSR, she is an Associate Editorial Page Editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator and the President of Unite for Sight. Her hobbies include playing the piano, reading and writing, making scenes in restaurants, and tweeting and hanging out with her best friend, Gordon Ramsay. Fun fact: she is an aspiring astronaut!


IMG_4661Kush C. Shah is a sophomore in Columbia College (’20) majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior.  An avid athlete, he likes to ski, play soccer, watch cricket, and hit the golf course.  With his background in Sanskrit, Kush is interested in understanding the relationship between spirituality and science.  On campus, Kush works in the Lotti Lab, investigating motor neuron degeneration.  Apart from CSR, Kush is the Cultural Chair for the Charles Drew Pre-Medical Society, PR Chair for Club Zamana, and a member of the Hindu Students Organization.


Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.43.18 PM


Sophie Bair is a freshman in Columbia College studying Neuroscience with a concentration in Statistics. She also plays viola in the Columbia University Orchestra and works as a tutor for the Tutoring Learning Center. Her favorite dog breed is a corgi, her favorite number is 4, her favorite TV shows is 30 Rock, and she owns a goldfish named Alexander Hamil-fin.








Alana Masciana is a sophomore in Barnard College (’20) planning to study environmental science. She is enthusiastic about increasing awareness of climate change, and is optimistic that someday global warming won’t be referred to as a hoax. When she’s not doing schoolwork, Alana DJs for WKCR, the student-run radio station at Columbia, and enjoys hiking and watching soccer.







AbhiPicAbhishek Shah is a first-year in Columbia College (’21) and plans on majoring in Neuroscience. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and pursue neurobiological research. He joined CSR because he is very interested in science outreach and making sure the public understands and supports science. Aside from science, he enjoys playing the violin and is a part of CUO and the New Opera Workshop. He is also an OCM for Club Zamana. He has research experience in molecular biology and neurobiology and hopes to soon be involved in neurobiological research here at Columbia.


amir profile pic


Amir Lankarani is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in biology and Middle Eastern studies. Outside of CSR, Amir is a resident adviser, a programmer at WKCR, a treasurer of Columbia’s Iranian Students Association, and a research assistant at Columbia’s Cancer Center. He has a passion for hip hop, halal cart hot sauce, heated political discourse, and Memri TV memes.



Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.49.21 AM

Jason Mohabir is a freshman in SEAS (’21) and is planning on majoring in either Biomedical Engineering or Computer Science and minoring in Philosophy. Jason is interested in the interface between Biology and Computer Science, particularly the disciplines of Computational Biology and Synthetic Biology. In his spare time, Jason enjoys camping, reading existential literature, and urban exploring New York City.



Marketing Committee Members:

Picture1Maham Karatela (BC’19) is a junior studying Neuroscience & Behavior with a minor in Political Science. She does research in cerebrovascular diseases in the Connolly
Lab of the neurosurgical department at CUMC. In her free time, she loves to go
running, watch good film, listen to good music, read good books, and explore the
city. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine while simultaneously entering the
political realm.




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