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Justin Whitehouse (CC ’19) is a junior studying Mathematics and Computer Science. He has done research in big data analysis at the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago, and research in lubrication development at Argonne National Laboratory. He hopes to one day have a science show for kids, or do research in cryptography and number theory in order to make sensitive information more secure. When he isn’t sciencing about, he likes to study entomology and bee keep. His favorite color is blue, his favorite number is 1, and his favorite sport is ping pong.


fileChief Content Editor:

Young Joon Kim is a sophomore in Columbia College
(2020) planning to major in biology. He discovered his fascination with the sciences in pre-school through dinosaur and train encyclopedias. Although he appreciates the complexities of all the scientific disciplines, he has found a special affinity towards cancer biology while conducting leukemia research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for four years. Outside of his academics, he enjoys running, feasting, and occasionally diving into the Wikipedia rabbit hole.




Chief Content Reviewer:

Nikita Israni is a junior in Columbia College (’19) planning to major in Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species. In her spare time she enjoys exploring different musical genres, taking free yoga classes in the city, and watching crime dramas. She hopes to one day pursue a career as a physician or research scientist.



tiffanyLiPhoto.jpgLayout Editor:

Tiffany Li is a junior in SEAS (’19) majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in history. She enjoys visual arts and design, long walks throughout the city, and drinking bubble tea. She hopes to someday work in the biotechnology industry or in medical practice or research.

image.jpgChief Illustrator:

Jennifer Fan is a senior in Columbia College (’18) majoring in Financial Economics and Visual Arts. Outside of her studies and in addition to painting and drawing, she enjoys listening to music, swimming, and traveling to different cities with family and friends. In the future, she hopes to travel to Europe and visit the Louvre in Paris, France.




Blog Content Manager

Yameng Zhang is a junior in CC (’19) studying neuroscience. She loves cooking, but hates washing dishes. She worked in medical campus three days a week, so she put all the classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and she miraculously survived. Each weekend, one of the following activities will be done: shopping, cycling, karaoke, the Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, or Avalon.




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