Fresh from the Labs – 4/27/10

Yet more of the oven fresh goodness straight from the lab as posted on our twitter account @spread_science [Phy] How shape-memory materials remember @ [Phy] Researchers develop new brain-like molecular processor @ [Engineer] UW’s O’Donnell Leads National Summit to “Sexify” Engineering, Inspire Students, Entrepreneurs, VCs @ [STEMedu] OSA Foundation to Donate HundredsContinue reading “Fresh from the Labs – 4/27/10”

Fresh from the Labs- 4/25/10

Here is a list of today’s articles that we found interesting, as posted on our twitter account @spread_science: [ComSci] Car Steered With Eyes, Computer Scientists Demonstrate @ [Bio] Drinking Green Tea May Protect Eyes @ [Neuro] we most enjoy observing the misfortune of someone we envy @ [Tech] Volt Technology Will OnlyContinue reading “Fresh from the Labs- 4/25/10”