Harvey’s Hidden Storm

By: Sophia Ahmed Hurricane Katrina’s Category 5 winds killed nearly 2,000 people when the storm made landfall in August 2005, and Hurricane Harvey damaged an estimated 203,000 homes. Combined, these hurricanes caused destruction that totaled over 400 billion U.S. dollars. Needless to say, hurricanes cause extensive damage to families and infrastructure when their winds ripContinue reading “Harvey’s Hidden Storm”

Petri Dish Burger, Anyone?

By Kanishk Karan Creating living things from petri dishes has always been the stuff of science fiction and even horror, but these days, lab-grown, or cultured, meat has become more of a reality than ever before. As far-fetched as it may sound, researchers at Memphis Meats – a San Francisco based food technology company –Continue reading “Petri Dish Burger, Anyone?”

Then and Now: The Development of Climate Change Denial (1970-2017)

By Sonia Mahajan President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 2016 reflects a growing—and alarming—lack of concern about climate change. Pruitt, who was previously Attorney General of Oklahoma, attempted to sue the EPA a total of fourteen times before being nominated to head theContinue reading “Then and Now: The Development of Climate Change Denial (1970-2017)”

The Opposite of “Roundup Ready”: Monarch Butterflies in the Age of GMOs

By: Alexandra DeCandia Edited By: Timshawn Luh Monarch butterflies are an iconic American species. Found in all 50 states, these orange-and-black backyard visitors delight children with their delicacy and grace. They pass through our gardens each year, participants in an annual, multi-generational migration among the farthest undertaken by an insect species. Travelling south from CanadaContinue reading “The Opposite of “Roundup Ready”: Monarch Butterflies in the Age of GMOs”

Tree Troubles

By: Julia Zeh The Eastern Hemlock (not the poisonous plant commonly known by the legend of the death of Socrates) is a large evergreen tree known for its economic, aesthetic, and ecosystem-related values. The tree is majestic, a staple on the east coast of the US and parts of Canada, and is the state treeContinue reading “Tree Troubles”

Sunscreens: A culprit in widespread coral bleaching?

By: Julia Zeh When you put on sunscreen at the beach and then jump in the water, have you ever seen what looks like an oil slick appear in the water behind you? It turns out that sunscreen is not really all that waterproof, and it tends to come off when you go into theContinue reading “Sunscreens: A culprit in widespread coral bleaching?”

White-Nose Syndrome Proves Resilient as Little Brown Bats Face Further Declines

By Alexandra DeCandia The situation may be worse than we anticipated for the little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus). In a harrowing new study published by University of Illinois researchers earlier this week, it appears that the fungus Pseudogymnoascus (Geomyces) destructans (the cause of White-Nose Syndrome or WNS in bats) is even more resilient than previouslyContinue reading “White-Nose Syndrome Proves Resilient as Little Brown Bats Face Further Declines”