Petri Dish Burger, Anyone?

By Kanishk Karan Creating living things from petri dishes has always been the stuff of science fiction and even horror, but these days, lab-grown, or cultured, meat has become more of a reality than ever before. As far-fetched as it may sound, researchers at Memphis Meats – a San Francisco based food technology company –Continue reading “Petri Dish Burger, Anyone?”

The Rise of Quantum Computing

By Kellie Lu After Edward Snowden’s grand alert about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) secret data mining program PRISM, Americans (and the entire world) have woken up to issues of privacy and cyber security. Quantum computing, a better form of cyber security, is evolving as the next standard for semiconductor-based computing (right now, we use siliconContinue reading “The Rise of Quantum Computing”

The Robot Scientists

This story broke in April of last year, but it is remarkable. Robots are not new in labs, they have been used in the past to increase productivity and take away the boring parts of biology. Mainly, mixing sample after sample after sample. However there is a down side, tons and tons of data areContinue reading “The Robot Scientists”

The Sky is Falling…is that Carbon?

Professor Lackner, chair of the department of earth and environmental engineering at Columbia University, has written a really cool article for Scientific American called Washing Carbon Out Of The Air.The proposed system would work by using solid sorbents to react chemically with the carbon in the air. The system would then clean the sorbents toContinue reading “The Sky is Falling…is that Carbon?”

Why is my Mechanical Engineering Professor into Bio?

Hello and welcome to guess the department, where we give you small sections of text and you have to Guess the Department! Today we are looking at the active research page of the featured department. Text Sample #1 “Active areas of research…include theoretical and experimental analysis of articular cartilage mechanics; theoretical and experimental analysis ofContinue reading “Why is my Mechanical Engineering Professor into Bio?”