World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China

The 2010 World Exposition has attracted 44 million visitors to Shanghai, China (as of August 24, 2010), generating a revenue of more than 11 billion RMB (1.6 billion US Dollars). The Expo hosts 92 national pavilions, 5 central theme pavilions, and 18 corporate pavilions.

While the interaction between cultures is the focal point of the Expo, as it is with every World Expo, science also plays a major role in the 2010 Expo. The theme of this year’s exposition is “Better City – Better Life,” which focuses on the different aspects of urban development. The importance of science in exploring urban development is displayed in pavilions such as the Pavilion of World Water Council, the Pavilion of World Wide Fund for Nature, the Space Pavilion, the Aviation Pavilion, and the Cisco Pavilion. Below is the highlight of each pavilion.

Aviation Pavilion: flight simulation; the outside of the pavilion also looks like the infinity symbol.

Cisco Pavilion: innovative technology for communication and transportation.

Space Pavilion: spacewalk simulation; the past and future of space exploration; the pavilion is a cube supported by futuristic pillars.

WWF: environmental protection in the world’s major cities; simulation of the causes and effects of climate change.

WWC: innovative ways of water management; water challenges and solutions.

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– CR

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