Today in Science…

…The first hotel in the United States with indoor bathrooms started construction in 1828.

The first steel-arch bridge — the Mississippi River Bridge, or more recently known as the Eads Bridge — was opened at St. Louis, Missouri. Engineered by James Buchanan Eads, this two-tier triple-arch bridge was stabilized in bedrock with pneumatic caissons.

Using the Pacific cable, President Theodore Roosevelt sent “the first official message over the new cable across the Pacific Ocean between Honolulu, Midway, Guam and Manila.”

In other news, a surgeon in Sankt Johann, Tyrol recently amputated an Austrian woman’s leg. The procedure would have followed standard protocol, except the surgeon amputated the wrong leg. The 90-year-old victim of the faulty amputation, who is now set to leave the hospital in the next few days, had sought surgery due to vascular disease.


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