The Robot Scientists

This story broke in April of last year, but it is remarkable.

Robots are not new in labs, they have been used in the past to increase productivity and take away the boring parts of biology. Mainly, mixing sample after sample after sample. However there is a down side, tons and tons of data are now flying at overwhelmed scientists. This is where the AI comes in. With its logic circuits, the machine can make tons of hypotheses from data and then test those hypotheses. Slowly, the robot will eliminate hypothesis after hypothesis until it has a conclusion. Right now, there are two machines: Adam and Eve. Adam is studying yeast with various genes removes to try to find what each gene does. A year ago, it discovered 12 new gene functions. Eve is a project that is aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, however there isn’t a lot of information about it. This is a really amazing computer that you should check out.

Image Source: Aberystwyth University

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