Fresh from the Labs – 4/27/10

Yet more of the oven fresh goodness straight from the lab as posted on our twitter account @spread_science

  • [Phy] How shape-memory materials remember @
  • [Phy] Researchers develop new brain-like molecular processor @

  • [Engineer] UW’s O’Donnell Leads National Summit to “Sexify” Engineering, Inspire Students, Entrepreneurs, VCs @

  • [STEMedu] OSA Foundation to Donate Hundreds of Telescopes to Milwaukee Students Through Galileoscope Challenge @

  • [Astro] U.S. Astronomers Make Case for Science During Congressional Visits Day @

  • [Astro] Chile desert to host world’s biggest telescope @

  • [Tech] Nissan, GE sign agreement to research electric car technology @

  • [Neuro] An interesting article on how development in the neuroscience around child-rearing effect society and politics@

  • [Neuro] ‘Uncontrolled brain activity’ linked to epilepsy @

  • [Bio] Drinking 100 percent fruit juice is associated with improved diet quality in children @

  • [Neuro] Dream a Little Dream of Recall @

  • [Bio] Grapes could reduce diabetes and heart disease @

  • [Bio] Chimps Found to Confront Death in Human-Like Ways @

  • [Geo] Climate Debate Gets Ugly as World Moves to Curb CO2 @

  • [Astro] Science Explained: How does sat-nav work? @

  • [STEMedu] Department of Energy Announces 20th Annual National Science Bowl @

  • [Neuro] 50 Fascinating Brain Science Blogs @

  • [Neuro] The Conversation: Brain research brings wonders and worries @

  • [Neuro] Studying altered brain cells sheds light on epilepsy @

  • [Bio] Biologist Erik Jorgensen and colleagues have devised a procedure for knocking out genes in nematode worms. @

  • [Bio] Scientists crack code of critical bacterial defense mechanism @

  • [STEMedu] Dino dung inspires young minds @

  • [STEMedu] Closing the Science gap @

  • [STEMedu] Sparking an interest in science @

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