Fresh from the Labs- 4/25/10

Here is a list of today’s articles that we found interesting, as posted on our twitter account @spread_science:

  • [ComSci] Car Steered With Eyes, Computer Scientists Demonstrate @
  • [Bio] Drinking Green Tea May Protect Eyes @

  • [Neuro] we most enjoy observing the misfortune of someone we envy @

  • [Tech] Volt Technology Will Only Work In Volt-Sized Cars @

  • [Bio] Worms may harbour human limb regeneration secrets @

  • [Neuro] Autism effects may be reversible @

  • [Nano] World’s smallest 3D map ‘created’ about 10 hours ago

  • [STEMedu] High School’s Best and Brightest Compete in World Science Fair @

  • [Geo] Iceland volcano eruption could last months @

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